The Confidant - Elizabeth ()

Bo Grace, December 11, 2016
Part of the Characters with Character series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

The message today is not primarily about Mary, the mother of Jesus, but rather someone she could go to in her time of need. Someone like I just described. You could call that person a friend. You could call them a counselor. You could refer to them as an encourager. All of those things would be true. The title of this message is: THE CONFIDANT, and will focus on the person to who Mary went when she was pregnant with Jesus. That would have to be somebody extra special. Not everybody would believe the story of the virgin pregnancy. Mary had somebody like that.

She had someone who met all those qualifications and more. After all, this person’s name means “God is my oath,” or “worshipper of God.” It was Mary’s cousin – who was much older than her that was Mary’s CONFIDANT. This second Christmas related message in our CHARACTERS WITH CHARACTER series is about how God used Elizabeth to be Mary’s CONFIDANT.


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