Worms, Water & Weeping #3 - The Response to Hell ()

Bo Grace, August 28, 2016
Part of the WWW series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

If you believe the Bible is true, including what we have learned about hell, then your perspective and actions should be profoundly affected. Either you do and they will or you don’t and they won’t.
The Bible is clear in what we have studied regarding hell:
• It is a real place of eternal torment and punishment - no escape – ever!
• Hell is described as a “lake of fire,” the worm does not die, fire is not quenched.
• Hell is the eternal abode of the unrighteous – everyone apart from Jesus.
• Hell makes necessary the cross!
So… what are you going to do about it? Rest assured, you will be held fully accountable for what you do!


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