Absolute and Resolute ()

Bo Grace, June 24, 2018
Part of the series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Do you live by the rules? Do you follow the law, or try to find the loopholes? Do you follow the rules? Some of you don’t like rules and are resistant. Some are more compliant. What about you?
What about some personal rules or guidelines? Have you made up your mind regarding what you will or won’t do?

I hope you have some guiding principles that are “set in stone” for your life. I hope you have made up your mind that there are some things you will or will not do.

King David was far from perfect. When he failed, he failed big -and – when he won he won big. One of the things that helped David was some guidelines he tried to live by. He was resolute, and his guidelines were absolute. He wrote a song about some of these things that he was resolute and absolute about.


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