Testimony – I was in my early twenty’s when I received Jesus in my heart and came to have a personal relationship with Him. My husband and I had only been going to church on a regular basis for a short while, and in that time I started to really hear what the pastor was saying, and I felt as if every word was God speaking to me. There wasn’t a Sunday that I left church not feeling just a little more changed and even convicted. I felt God speaking to me, saying to just get up and come to Him, and finally one day I swallowed my pride, put my fears behind me, and decided to get up and walk down to my pastor and ask him to help me ask God in to my life. From that day on I have grown and continue to grow closer to Him, and I could not imagine life without Him in it! I am only the person I am today because of Him and through His grace.

Ministry – I currently assist in our Childrens Ministry and I have so much fun doing it! I love seeing the children learn and grow with Christ! I also try to help and volunteer in other ministries as needed, such as the Greet Team and Praise Team. What can I say, I love to serve! God has placed that desire my heart and it is my passion to lead not only children but everyone to Christ. As a young child I have always had the desire to help others and there is no greater way you can help someone then to help them on their journey to Salvation and then their journey with Christ!! It is such a rewarding feeling for me to know that I am doing Gods work and hopefully making a difference in peoples lives.

Education – Gateway Christian School (GED).

Family – my husband is Drew and we have three beautiful girls: Leah, AnnaBell and Kaylee Cupples