Sharing Your Story TUC #22 (Acts 22:1-30)

Bo Grace, September 17, 2017
Part of the The Unstoppable Church series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Jerusalem is a Holy place – but – it is a holy place to a lot of people we would not consider holy. It is far from being an exclusively Christian place. It is (and always has been) a hub of Judaism. That was no surprise to me – the Jews at the wailing wall. What I did not realize is the Muslim presence in the old city of Jerusalem. They have control of some very holy places where Christians are not allowed to go!
The Dome of the Rock is the place where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac, and is the site of the earliest Jewish temples. Non-Muslims are forbidden to visit this site, except rare occasions under very strict guidelines. So… Jerusalem, and many of the places there has always been a place of religious contention.
Paul was welcomed by his fellow Christians in Jerusalem, but when some of the Jews realized he was there they got into an uproar because they saw Paul as an enemy of the Jewish law. It was truly a frenzied mob who had one goal – to kill Paul. When they realized that he too was a Jew, and spoke Hebrew, the crowd quieted and listened to him speak. Much of chapter 22 is his speech – or “defense” before the Jews.
As we read about how Paul “shared his story” we need to understand that each of us has a “story” – and – we can learn some principles that will help us share our “story” or testimony.


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