Moving On TUC#20 (Acts 20:1-38)

Bo Grace, August 27, 2017
Part of the The Unstoppable Church series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

One of the most challenging experiences in life is leaving people you love behind. Some of you have lived here most of your life. Your family and friends have always been here, and you may have trouble relating to leaving loved ones behind.Sometimes God lets you stay put, but often times He wants you to MOVE ON.
The apostle Paul was not meant to be still for long. God constantly had him on the move primarily to plant and encourage churches, but it was not easy leaving people and churches behind.
As we come to chapter 20 in Acts, we will focus on one of Paul’s most beloved churches that he left behind. It was that place where he spent more than two years. It was the place where God enabled him to perform miracles.
Paul was headed to Jerusalem, but he wanted to meet with the church leaders one more time, because he really had no idea how much longer he would be alive. What would he say to these beloved people about this beloved church where he had invested his life? .


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