The Missionary Movement TUC #13 (Acts 13:1-52)

Bo Grace, July 2, 2017
Part of the The Unstoppable Church series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

What comes to mind when I mention the word “missions.” One or two of you may think of Peter Graves, or Tom Cruise and the TV show or movies titled “Mission Impossible.”
But… since I mention the word in this setting, most likely something else comes to mind. You may think about mud huts in Africa. You may think about famous missionaries like William Carey or Adoniram Judson.
You may think about mission trips like we have taken in recent years to Canada. Maybe you think about Disaster Relief, or local Missions such as a food pantry or clothes closet.
The gospel had already been proclaimed concentrically. They had “been witnesses” to these places. In today’s message we see THE UNSTOPPABLE CHURCH begin its spread “to the utter most parts of the earth.” This is the first overseas mission trip.


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