Purging Prejudice TUC#10 (Acts 10:1-48)

Bo Grace, June 4, 2017
Part of the The Unstoppable Church series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

We live in a diverse world. Depending on who you want to believe, there are between 11,000 and 24,000 different ethnicities worldwide. This would include nearly 7,000 different languages. As diverse as we are, one thing that every culture has in common is PREJUDICE. Notice Webster’s definition of the term: Prejudice: “A feeling of like or dislike for someone or something, especially when it is not reasonable or logical.”
Prejudice can be toward race, culture, accents, politics, economics, marital status, religious tattoos, style of clothes or hair, etc. etc. Most people struggle with some type of prejudice though they may not know or acknowledge it.
Chuck Swindoll calls it: “The Prejudice Sindrome.”
As we continue our study of the UNSTOPPABLE CHURCH, we will see that the early church struggled with PREJUDICE. It always has and probably always will.


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